26-28.07.2019   Płock/Poland

1st announcement

1st announcement

We have a great pleasure to announce the first artists to be heard during the 14th edition of Audioriver. The festival will be held – as every year – in last weekend of July in Płock. Audioriver 2019 line-up opens: ANNA, Ańii, Black Sun Empire, FJAAK live, Jon Hopkins live, Kobosil, Mall Grab, Polo & Pan live, Sam Paganini, Seba ft. MC Conrad and Stavroz live.

The first artists from the 2019 Audioriver line-up are revealed a few days before the end of the sale of the 1st pool of tickets. 11 announced artists are a strong reason to get tickets and plan next year’s last weekend of July in Płock. Until 2nd December you can buy tickets at the lowest price – 200 PLN for two-day ticket and 270 PLN for three-day. There is no doubt that the programme of the festival will be extensive and diverse: during the previous edition of Audioriver 103 concerts took place on 9 stages.

The power of meditation in music
One of the headliners of this year’s edition of Audioriver will be Jon Hopkins. Jon is a pianist and one of the most recognizable producers of electronic music in the world. Initially he was a keyboardist in Imogen Heap, then – thanks to Brian Eno – he had a big influence on the sound of Coldplay, and finally devoted himself to solo creativity, as well as fulfilled his dream having the opportunity to work with David Lynch. A breakthrough in his career was the release of the Mercury Prize nominated album “Immunity”, with which he toured more than 160 times a year. After a break in performing and creating new music, Jon finally returned with his new album “Singularity” in May 2018. As he emphasizes, the sound of the album was strongly influenced by his experiences with meditation, which helped him unblock the particles of his unconsciousness and the ideas hidden in it.

Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

Dancefloor energy

Sam Paganini has been warming up club floors since 1997 – his vision of techno is music filled with great energy. Today Sam is a world-famous producer of electronic music, but he started as an instrumentalist. “I started playing drums at the age of 5, then I also played guitar and piano. I was a drummer in local rock bands for several years, and at the age of 15 I tried DJing. A lot of time has passed since then, and the most important moments in his career are his collaboration with two popular labels – Plus 8 (followed by Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva) and Drumcode, managed by Adam Beyer. In 2016 Sam founded his own label, JAM, where he released an album entitled “Zenith”.

Sam Paganini – Rave

ANNA, or Ana Miranda, is one of the most famous figures representing Brazil scene. “Hidden Beauties”, her track released on Kompakt, has been a huge success, resounding in sets of giants such as Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, as well as gaining recognition from Pitchfork and Mixmag. However, Anna’s musical journey began years ago, as her first official performances took place when she was only 14 years old. “I’ve been playing for ever. My father was also a DJ and ran a club when I was little. I remember going to record stores with him when I was only 9 or 10 years old and we spent the whole day walking from one store to another and listening to new records”. Her high skills and experience are confirmed by the vinyl DJ set for Cercle from February 2018, which received more than a million views on YouTube. A remix of her track”Singularity”, originally produced by Jon Hopkins, also premiered recently.

ANNA vinyl DJ set @ Les Pavillons des Etangs for Cercle

Born in 1991, Max Kobosil grew up in Berlin during the post-war structural changes and discovered techno when modernity emerged from underground subcultures – this strongly influenced his determination and commitment to the city. As it turned out, Max’s first visits to the cult club Berghain (in which he regularly performs as a DJ today) were of great importance for his future, thanks to which he later established cooperation with Ostgut Ton and was noticed by Marcel Dettmann. Two years ago his debut album “We Grow, You Decline” was released, on which Kobosil showed a spectrum of deep sounds, containing elements of techno, ambient and experimental electronic. “I want future generations to see my album as music – not only as techno.”

Kobosil @ Awakenings Festival 2017: Area X

FJAAK is a Berlin trio, created by great enthusiasts of analogue equipment, who, after experiencing the production of various genres of music, decided to devote themselves to the sounds of the city – techno music. The turning point in their career was 2014, when the owners of 50Weapons (Modeselektor duo) decided to take Felix, Aaron and Kevin under their wings. The cooperation turned out to be very promising, as they released several well-received EPs and their full debut album. To this day, despite their young age, FJAAK have already played several hundred live concerts, promoting their characteristic analog sound all over the world – from Berlin, to Los Angeles and Beijing.

Fjaak Boiler Room Tblisi Live Set

Return to roots Ańii (or in fact Ania Iwińska) moved from Poland to London some time ago to improve her skills in music production at the renowned Point Blank music school. When she joined Wired Studios, London became her home and a place to create music. As an artist she decided to devote herself to 4/4 sounds – combining deep techno and emotional, ethnic house. She has already released on major labels – one of them is the German Kompakt, where she published an EP entitled “The Dark and the Dark”. “Roots”, played in sets by Solomon and Michael Mayer, among others.

Anii – Korzenie

Stavroz is a project created in 2011 by IJsbrand and Gert – DJs and sound engineers who were looking for a way to express their musical tastes. Soon afterwards, Maxim and Pieter joined them at concerts and in the studio. All four members of the group have different musical roots, but despite the differences they uniquely combine the sounds of electronics with classical instruments – both in the studio and in subtle live acts, with which they travel around the world. Their music also works well at home – “relax, lie down, close your eyes and listen to the story told in a musical way, with attention to detail”.

Stavroz live @ Fort Saint Eynard for Cercle

One of the greatest revelations of the scene in recent years, Mall Grab, returns to his roots in a slightly different way, referring to the sounds of house music from years ago. His characteristic tracks, produced in an old-school style – such as “Orange County” or “Catching Feelings” collected hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and his biggest hits – “Can’t” or “Feel U” have already had millions of views. Jordan’s passion for recordings is very visible during live sets – the Australian is an excellent DJ, who freely combines different genres and sounds. From lo-fi house to disco, electro and pulsating techno

Mall Grab Boiler Room Paris DJ set

Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan are a French duo whose paths crossed a few years ago in Paris, where they both served as residents of the club Le Baron. Their joint project, Polo & Pan, combines the influences of the joyful sounds of classical French electro and elements of disco, resulting in an extremely danceable musical mix. What to do to find out about it? Just listen to their debut album “Caravelle”, see the duo’s numerous appearances on the Internet or…. just come to Audioriver. In Płock we will hear Polo & Pan with a full live band.

Polo & Pan live @ Serre Monumentale for Cercle

Drum & Bass

The Black Sun Empire was created in 1993, but the trio found their vocation only in the mid-1990s, when the sounds of drum & bass began to gain popularity. “At first we made techno and breakbeat/trip-hop sounds, but after listening to several tracks from producers such as Ed Rush & Optical, Dillinja and Photek, we decided to hit in this direction.  As it turned out, it was the right decision, because the Dutch fans all over the world released six studio albums in their careers and had the opportunity to work with Foreign Beggars and Dope D.O.D. Moreover, thanks to their label and a series of events Blackout helped to promote other artists valued on stage – among them Noisia and Mefjus.

Black Sun Empire & Noisia – The Veil

Originating from Ingaro, an island just outside Stockholm, Seba (Sebastian Ahrenberg) has earned a reputation as one of the most famous drum & bass producers over the last 20 years. From his early releases on the famous Good Looking Records label, the legendary LTJ Bukema, to newer material on Metalheadz, Hospital and his own Secret Operations, Seba’s work still retains its freshness and unique character. MC Conrad, who will perform with him, is another popular representative of Drum&Bass, known for his vocal skills since the 90s. At that time, he performed as MC and was heavily involved in the development of the still illegal British scene, and today, after more than 20 years he presents no less energy than at that time.

Seba – Addicted

Only until 2nd December you will be able to buy three-day and two-day tickets for Audioriver at the lowest possible price. Tickets for the festival are sold via eBilet.pl: https://bit.ly/2PduJqS and in selected sales points all over Poland: https://bit.ly/2F8O10S.

2nd announcement

2nd announcement

The Black Madonna, Blooma, Brookes Brothers, David August, Enrico Sangiuliano, InsideInfo, Oliver Koletzki, Peter Van Hoesen, Shlømo live and Wilkinson live join the group of confirmed artists of Audioriver 2019 line-up. This is the last moment to buy the festival pass at a lower price. The sale of the second pool of tickets will end on 3 February.

Audioriver is a festival which has been presenting a multitude of varieties and currents of electronic music to the public for 13 years. Artists performing at the festival very often reach for other sounds, such as jazz, soul, hip hop or rock, creating projects across divisions, which are difficult to categorize unambiguously. Performers representing various musical worlds and breaking the frames of the genre are also present in the second announcement of this year’s festival programme. The Black Madonna mixes disco, house and techno in her sets freely, Wilkinson combines the influences of classical drum & bass and elements of pop, and David August’s instrumental and electronic mixture of music would be great both as a soundtrack to a movie and during a night in a club.  

Different faces of dance music

Marea Stamper, or The Black Madonna, is definitely one of the most characteristic and charismatic figures in the world of electronic music in recent years. She is not only a great DJ and producer, but also an activist who works to improve the situation of women and the LGBTQ community. Only in the last 12 months she visited Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, Manchester or London (at an amazing all-day party in Shoreditch) with her cycle We Still Believe, heated up the biggest international festivals (e.g. Melt! Festival or Primavera Sound), and together with Dixon, Tale of Us and Solomun performed in the cult game Grand Theft Auto. One thing is certain – her set will be one of the most energetic and danceable performances during this year’s edition of Audioriver.

Oliver Koletzki creates his music in a slightly different style, but not less danceable. Although today he is associated with electronic music, his adventure began with the sounds of hip hop, produced on the Commodore 64 computer in his hometown of Brunswick. Patience and a few years spent in the studio resulted in a dream debut, as his first EP was released by Sven Väth in 2005 on the Cocoon label. To this day, Koletzki has released 6 full-length albums including such hits as “Bring Me Home”, “These Habits” or “Bones” produced together with HVOB. The vast majority of his material was published by Oliver on his own label Stil Vor Talent, which over the years has evolved from a small DIY-operation to a respected independent label.

At Stil Vor Talent, David August took his first steps in his official music career. Born in Hamburg in 1990, the artist composes multidimensional electronic music. According to him: “Creating music – the act of creating in general – should be free from rationalization. In the best case, relying solely on subconsciousness communication”. His career as a producer can be traced through many years of work; a series of early singles and remixes, up to his debut album “Times”, up to the breaking production patterns released on Ninja Tune sub-label and two mature albums released in 2018. David’s live show takes different forms, but regardless of whether he performs alone, with an orchestra or with a band, improvisation is an important part of his performances, which we will surely see in Płock as well.

Powerful sounds

Enrico Sangiuliano is a producer, performer and sound engineer born in Reggio Emilia, Italy. As a teenager he was already interested in technology. In the 1990s, he made his first productions on a home computer and also gained popularity playing at local underground events. He then worked for years with various labels, and today he is one of the most famous representatives of Drumcode, an outhouse managed by Adam Beyer. He gained popularity thanks to songs such as “Hidden T”, “Astral Projection” or “Moon Rocks”, which gathered millions of views on YouTube. Its remixes for such respected artists as Armand Van Helden and Moby are also very popular on YouTube.

Peter Van Hoesen has never been a typical techno artist. Although considered as one of the genre’s tastemakers, he’s someone who sculpts sounds for many different environments – the club, the home, the gallery or museum. He does so with a true sense of personality. He says that his musical education was particularly influenced by Belgian radio stations and broadcasts, which he recorded on tape tapes. In addition to active production and live performance, Peter also runs his own label Time to Express where he releases textural compositions and also records to great acclaim as Sendai alongside Yves de Mey

Born in Paris, Shlømo is currently one of the most important figures in the French techno scene. He has been discovering the dimensions of electronic music since 2005, and his interest in these sounds has been influenced by Warp, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. A few years later, he also became acquainted with the scene from the side of events, and his enthusiasm and inspiration led him to buy the first equipment to start production. Today, his music is a crossroads of techno, experimental electronics and film music, which he presented in the material on his debut album entitled “Mercurial Skin”. As a performer, Shlømo has been devoted to live performances for several years, which he has already presented at Amsterdam Dance Event, Berlin’s Berghain club or at Exit and Weather festivals.

Blooma is a new producer project on the Polish scene, created by DEAS (known for its releases on popular international electronic music labels such as KMS, Bush Records and Second State) and AGIM, which is the co-author of the success of bands such as Őszibarack or Nervy. Their collaboration is a combination of great passion and love for music, coming from artists from two different musical worlds, who are perfect for mutual cooperation both in the studio and during live performances. It is worth mentioning that the first release of the project Blooma was released by the renowned Spanish label Suara, cooperating with Charlotte De Witte or Booka Shade.

Drum & bass in different interpretations

Wilkinson is currently one of the most famous figures on the international drum & bass scene. Producer from the suburbs of London gained great popularity after the release of his debut album “Lazers Not Included”, which featured such hits as “Half Light”, “Too Close” or “Afterglow” – the clip to this song has collected almost 64 million views on YouTube to this day. Wilkinson’s second album titled “Hypnotic” became the most successful drum & bass album in 2017, and gathered such fans as Lowe, Skrillex and… Elton John. With the release of both albums, Wilkinson also focused on performing live with a band, and that’s how he’s going to play at Audioriver.

Brookes Brothers project is formed by two brothers – Dan and Phil, specializing in creating warmer varieties of drum & bass music, containing elements of disco and soul sounds. This is confirmed by their biggest hit, “Carry Me On”, which was selected as “Hottest Record in the World” by Zane Lowe, and was present on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra playlists. With the success of solo productions and collaborations, Brookes Brothers has built up a position as recognized remixers. They have worked on tracks for such artists as Chase and Status, Nero and Crystal Fighters.

InsideInfo was originally a duo of producers who worked hard in the studio, and every week on Origin FM radio presented their new songs well received by drum & bass fans. After some time, they decided to go their own way, and the project InsideInfo continues to this day with Paul, who has become one of the leading representatives of stronger drum & bass genres. His songs were included in catalogues such as Viper Recordings, Horizons, Critical or Blu Mar Ten.

Tickets for Audioriver 2019 can be bought via eBilet.pl: https://bit.ly/2faykc5 and in selected stationary points all over Poland: https://bit.ly/2F8O10S.

3nd announcement

3nd announcement

Andy C ft. Tonn Piper, Bedouin, British Murder Boys, Catz ‘n Dogz, Charlotte de Witte, Colin Benders, Eatbrain League: Teddy Killerz b2b Jade b2b Fourward b2b MC Coppa, Modeselektor live, Monolink live and S.P.Y ft. MC LowQui join the group of confirmed artists of Audioriver 2019 line-up. 

The third Audioriver 2019 artists’ announcement is a mixture of worlds, trends and means of expression escaping the genre’s frames. And it is not even the halfway of the announcements of this year’s edition of Poland’s largest electronic music festival. 

Electronic music full of contrasts 

One of the key Audioriver headline acts, Modeselektor, shows how wide electronic music is. On the one hand, Sebastian and Gernot have collaborated with Thom York several times and remixed Radiohead and Björk. On the other hand, electronic music fans from the whole world know their labels Monkeytown and 50Weapons, and love albums produced together with Apparat under the name Moderat. After more than two years of touring together as a trio, Sebastian and Gernot have returned to Modeselektor and have just released their latest great album “Who Else”. The album contains a lot of different sounds of electronics, and the two previously published singles promoting the album, “Who” and “Wealth”, are productions strongly referring to the hip-hop style thanks to the vocals of Flohio and Tommy Cash.

Emotional electronic music beyond genres 

“Music not genres. Friends not judgement” is a manifesto by Catz ‘n Dogz, one of the most famous Polish electronic projects on the international scene. Grzegorz and Wojciech claim that emotions are the most important in music, they are not affected by categories or genre divisions. In live sets they freely reach for house, techno, disco, and even vocals from jazz productions. This year the duo will release another album entitled “Friendship” – the title refers to the friendship between the artists, which had a huge impact on the success of their joint project. The album promotes the recently released hit “Friendship”. “New Love”. 

Charlotte De Witte, the revelation of the techno scene in recent years, emphasizes the emotional side of the music. During her live performances, the Belgian artist guarantees the audience a lot of dancefloor energy every time, and as a producer she likes to reach for a bit darker and deeper sounds, which she combines with her vocal. “Making music really gives me a chance to reach the more emotional side of electronic music that I love. Music that has this melancholic side, I just find it much more interesting – whether it’s played live, in the studio or just listened at home.”

Collin Benders, a jazz and hip-hop connoisseur from Utrecht and the artist behind The Kyteman Orchestra, has already given concerts in Europe, South Africa and Indonesia as a 17-year-old trumpeter. At the age of 22, he founded the Kyteman’s Hiphop Orchestra, and then created another project, The Kyteman Orchestra, which presented a series of improvised concerts. Some time ago Colin decided to go a step further – he creates and performs with an orchestra hidden in several boxes filled with (mainly analogue) synthesizer modules, with which he tells complex musical stories.

Steffen Linck (Monolink) comes from the environment of widely understood “guitar music”. The guitar has always been his faithful companion, but the sounds composed with the use of this instrument did not fully fulfill their function. Hence his interest in other sounds, including electronic music and its currents. As it turned out later, the combination of guitar, vocals and electronics gave an unexpected effect in the form of musical journeys, which are able to delight the most demanding audience. After last year’s great solo performance at Audioriver, the artist will return to Płock with the band. 

The British Murder Boys were created by Regis and Surgeon, two producers and giants of the international techno scene, who are loved by dedicated, long-standing fans of the genre, as well as younger, conscious audiences. Both artists started working together a few years ago and although they are both busy with solo projects, they return to it from time to time. This year they released their new live album “Fire In The Still Air”, a record of last year’s Atonal festival performance. British Murder Boys’ work is a classic, strong and industrial techno, but with the influence of the British scene – Regis and Surgeon are called pioneers of the characteristic sound called “Birmingham sound”.

Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe, or Bedouin, is a Brooklyn production duo and DJs, creating characteristic sounds, full of mystical melodies and rhythms. They share an eclectic sound vision, which, thanks to the Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing and travels around the world, draws from various influences. Their common musical roots and constantly evolving taste allow them to create productions full of sensitivities, which at the same time are not devoid of dance influences. Tamer and Rami are also great DJs, which was confirmed by their performances at Ibiza, Mexico and Tomorrowland Festival. 

Extra-class drum and bass scene 

Andy C, who has won more than 40 awards throughout his career, is called the phenomenon of the world’s drum and bass scene. He sold out the Alexandra Palace and Brighton Academy halls with solo performances. His Ram Records label presented talents such as Chase & Status and Wilkinson to the world, and remixes for Major Lazer, Rudimental and London Grammar made him recognizable among fans outside the electronic community. Heartbeat Loud” and “Haunting” are some of the most acclaimed compositions.


After moving from São Paulo to London, S.P.Y. quickly established his position on the British drum & bass scene thanks to his production talent, which resulted in his debut release on the Metalheadz label. Now the artist is constantly working with Hospital Records, where he has released albums: “What The Future Holds” and “Back To Basics”, and in March he will publish the latest material on the album “Dubplate Style”. During his performance at Audioriver he will be accompanied by a long-time friend of the festival and a great vocalist – MC LowQui. The British man proved himself on many musical stages, where he performed with such artists as Goldie, Andy C or Benga. 

Eatbrain is currently one of the most interesting labels specializing in drum and bass neurofunk music production, founded by a Hungarian producer named Jade. The head of the label and its representatives will present at Audioriver a special joint performance – Eatbrain League: Teddy Killerz b2b Jade b2b Fourward ft. MC Coppa. Such a line-up suggests that it will be one of the most lively drum and bass performances at Audioriver 2019. 

Tickets for Audioriver 2019 can be purchased via eBilet.pl: https://bit.ly/2faykc5 and at selected stationary points throughout Poland: https://bit.ly/2F8O10S.