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Prices for Audioriver 2023

  • Untill 11.12.2022 2-day ticket: 350 PLN
    3-day ticket: 460 PLN
  • 12.12.2022 - 12.02.2023 2-day ticket: 380 PLN
    3-day ticket: 490 PLN
  • 13.02.2023-16.04.2023 2-day ticket: 410 PLN
    3-day ticket: 520 PLN
  • 17.04.2023-18.06.2023 1-day ticket (Friday): 240 PLN
    1-day ticket (Saturday): 240 PLN
    1-day ticket (Sunday): 120 PLN
    2-day ticket: 440 PLN
    3-day ticket: 550 PLN
  • 19.06.2023-23.07.2023 1-day ticket (Friday): 270 PLN
    1-day ticket (Saturday): 270 PLN
    1-day ticket (Sunday): 130 PLN
    2-day ticket: 470 PLN
    3-day ticket: 580 PLN
  • 24.07.2023-28.07.2023 1-day ticket (Friday): 300 PLN
    1-day ticket (Saturday): 300 PLN
    1-day ticket (Sunday): 140 PLN
    2-day ticket: 500 PLN
    3-day ticket: 610 PLN
  • Where can I buy the ticket?

    – At and at selected sale points. The list of sales points you can find here:

    – At


  • How can I check the authenticity of my ticket?

    The authenticity of the tickets is guaranteed by purchase from official Audioriver distributors:

    – at and in selected sales points.
    – at

    Buying from someone else is a risk that the ticket may be false or that someone else will scan it earlier.


  • Is it possible to exchange or return a ticket after it has been destroyed or lost?

    It’s not possible.

  • Can I show my ticket on my phone?