26-28.07.2019   Płock/Poland

Timetable AR 2018

Timetable AR 2018

There are 8 days left before we go to Płock, so it’s high time to present you with an hourly schedule of all the concerts that will be heard on Audioriver. During 3 festival days 103 concerts will take place on 9 stages, so there is plenty to plan 🙂 Let’s go!

You can download timetable in the graphic form here: https://bit.ly/2uxAE2q.


Main Stage

19:30-20:30 Komitet Obrony Disco

20:30-21:30 Rosalie.

21:45-22:45 Maribou State live

23:00-00:00 Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

00:30-01:45 Bonobo live

02:00-03:15 Richie Hawtin CLOSE

03:30-04:30 AGIM live

VJs: Visual Family Collective

Circus Tent

19:00-21:00 VONDA7

21:00-22:00 Michał Wolski live

22:00-00:00 Architectural

00:00-01:00 Woo York live

01:00-03:00 Adriatique

03:00-05:00 Maceo Plex

05:00-07:00 Ben Klock

VJs: Nocny Marek + FTVision

Hybrid Tent

20:00-22:30 NeverAfter ft. MC LowQui

22:30-23:30 Fracture

23:30-00:30 Patife

00:30-01:30 Danny Byrd

01:30-02:30 Fabio & Grooverider

02:30-03:30 Doc Scott

03:30-04:30 Ulterior Motive

04:30-05:30 Current Value

05:30-06:30 Radicall

VJs: FkS & EYE

BURN Stage

20:00-22:00 Deaf Can Dance

22:00-23:00 Vacos Malcolm live

23:00-00:30 Gemini Brothers

00:30-01:30 Monolink live

01:30-03:00 Claptone

03:00-04:15 Giorgia Angiuli live

04:15-06:00 Andhim


20:00-21:30 Olivia

21:30-22:30 Seltron 400 live

22:30-00:00 Dr. Rubinstein

00:00-01:30 Helena Hauff

01:30-03:00 Bjarki

03:00-04:30 Lewis Fautzi

04:30-06:00 Rebekah

06:00-07:00 T A K A live

Multimedia: Interference Visual Crew (VJ-e: Monsieur Zupika, Deruba, Nai; światła: Łukasz Sztejna)

True Music Stage

21:00-23:30 Vidno

23:30-01:30 Deep Depot

01:30-03:00 Piotr Bejnar live

03:00-05:00 Kacpa b2b Raev



Main Stage:

20:00-21:15 Sound Traveler

21:15-22:15 Bass Astral x Igo

22:30-23:30 Vessels

23:45-00:45 Jan Blomqvist & Band

01:00-02:00 Gorgon City live

02:15-03:15 The Glitch Mob

03:30-04:30 Kamp!

VJs: Visual Family Collective 

Circus Tent:

19:00-20:30 Rodrigezz

20:30-21:30 An On Bast live

21:30-22:30 Kuba Sojka live

22:30-00:15 Butch

00:15-02:15 Loco Dice

02:15-03:15 Deas

03:15-05:15 Pan-Pot

05:15-07:15 Amelie Lens

VJs: Nocny Marek + FTVision

Hybrid Tent:

20:00-22:30 Charly

22:30-23:30 Toronto Is Broken

23:30-00:30 Fred V & Grafix live

00:30-01:30 Break

01:30-02:30 Matrix & Futurebound

02:30-03:30 Delta Heavy

03:30-04:30 DLR

04:30-05:30 L 33

05:30-06:30 Macbeat

VJs: FkS & EYE

BURN Stage:

20:00-22:00 Foxall

22:00-23:30 Viken Arman live

23:30-01:00 Purple Disco Machine

01:00-02:30 Catz ’N Dogz

02:30-04:00 Honey Dijon

04:00-06:00 John Talabot


20:00-22:00 Sept

22:00-23:00 Błażej Malinowski live

23:00-00:30 Arnaud Le Texier

00:30-02:00 Stranger

02:00-04:00 Antigone b2b Francois X

04:00-05:30 Tommy Four Seven

05:30-07:00 AnD live

Multimedia: Interference Visual Crew (VJ-e: Monsieur Zupika, Deruba, Nai; światła: Łukasz Sztejna)

True Music Stage

21:00-23:00 LuLu Malina

23:00-01:00 Meg & Discox

01:00-03:00 Novika & Mr. Lex

03:00-05:00 Roger



FRIDAY (27.07)

16:00-17:00 KVSN

18:30-19:30 Thomas Langner b2b Lucjan

19:30-20:30 Sincz

SATURDAY (28.07)

10:30-12:00 Maryo

12:00-13:30 Ritual Thrills

13:30-15:00 Joana

15:30-17:00 Last Robots

18:30-20:00 Kuba Otłowski



Stage One:

11:00-13:00 kEczuP

13:00-14:30 Raidho

14:30-16:30 Leon b2b Glasse

16:30-18:00 Be Svendsen

18:00-19:30 Rampue live

19:30-21:30 Lee Burridge

Stage Two:

11:30-13:30 Living Plastic

13:30-15:30 Alegria b2b Artiztix

15:30-17:30 MJ Cole

17:30-19:30 Zed Bias ft. Slay

19:30-21:30 Nicky Blackmarket ft. MC Fatman D

VJ performances at AR 2018

VJ performances at AR 2018

Next weekend we will have a great musical journey with 103 artists who will present a wide range of electronic music – from electronic pop to house, techno, drum & bass and many more. However, the way we perceive a concerts is influenced not only by the music, but also by the image (visualizations), which – as in previous years – our friends VJs will take care of during most of the performances 🙂

VJ-s at Audioriver 2018:

Eye – Adam Serek (HYBRID TENT)
VJ, light designer, motion designer and graphic designer. Project member Pryzmat and Castle Rave. He translates his visions not only into video material, but also into the movement of stage devices, the construction of scenographic structures or decorations based on digital LED tapes.

His artistic activity can be noticed mainly in electronic music events and clubs such as Niebo, 1500m2, Nowa Jerozolima, Smolna, 55 or Iskra. He has performed with such artists as Black Sun Empire, Âme, C2C, Kangding Ray, Saytek, Patrice Baumel, I Hate Models, Robert Babicz, Cleric, Regal, Sept, and Chrome Sparks.

Enthusiast of moving images. Minimalist geometrist.

Member of the “‘Are you ravin’ or ‘behavin’?” collective and the S10 Studio. He has performed with such artists as Apparat, Gesaffelstein, Gus Gus, Brodinski, Calyx & Teebee, Ilario Alicante, Alan Fitzpatrick, Robert Babicz, Gorgon City, High Contrast, John Talabot, Daniel Avery, Mathew Jonson, Format B, Steve Nash and Turntable Orchestra and with the leading Polish artists.

He has collaborated with musicians from such bands as Massive Atack, Roni Size Reprazent and The Herbalizer. His visualizations are visible in Poland and at foreign festivals, including Snowfest Festival, OFF Camera, Space VJ Meeting, Free Form Festival, Opener, Interference Festival, Shiny Toys Space (Germany), HeadQuarterz (Belgium) and Metropolis (Bulgaria).

VJ of Xxanaxx group. For the past 5 years he has been responsible for visualizations at the Audioriver Festival on the Hybrid Tent. He can often be found in the club spaces of Warsaw and other Polish cities.

He debuted in 2003 at the legendary Eskulap club, where he prepared visualizations for such series of events as Houserka and Tresor. Currently, he is responsible for the visual aspect of the Poznan SQ club. He has performed at many festivals, including Audioriver, Creamfields, Signal Festival, Sunrise, Electrocity, Vivisesja, Electric Mind Festival, Visual Connection, and Made in Poznań. In his visualizations, he uses original materials prepared in many different techniques – currently, apart from video experiments and stop-motion animation, he is particularly interested in 3D animation and mapping. By creating new videos and experimenting with different technical solutions, FTVision has developed a specific style that is constantly evolving and hard to put into words. Colour, movement, synchronization and carefully selected material are the main features of its visualization.

Interference Visual Crew (KOSMOS)
A group of visual artists from the fields of lighting, VJ-ing, generative visualization, mapping, motion design and video clips. The group presented its works at the biggest festivals in Poland and Europe. Members of the group:

Monsieur Zupika – Maciej Szupica
Graphic artist, video artist, director, sculptor, photographer, set designer. A graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and a graduate of Sculpture, he received a doctorate in fine arts in 2015. Earlier, he graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts in Supraśl. He has lectured at many schools – Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology in Gdańsk and at the University of Gdańsk. Co-founder and Artistic Director of the Interference Visual Communication Festival in Gdańsk. Co-founder and author of various multimedia projects. In several of them he participates permanently (Skand 21, Uniform, Dick4Dick, Cavalleris, C.A.T. TV, Huston – We’ve Got the Problem, Gypsy Pill, The Saint Box, Fatal Error) realizing works in the field of graphics, painting, poster, film, video, performance, photography, interactive installations on stage. He is interested in combining genre forms. His body of work encompasses several dozen videos and commercials.

Deruba a.k.a. derubare
Visual performer, VJ, generative visualization contractor. He has presented his works at numerous concerts and individual exhibitions all over the world, among others at the following venues in places such as Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico, the Zachęta National Art Gallery in Warsaw, the European Parliament, TVP KULTURA, the State Art Gallery in Sopot, Brancaleone in Rome, Audioriver Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival, Interference Festival, the Royal Palace in Warsaw, the Audiovisual Technology Centre in Wrocław, the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk, Toruń I Warsaw and Loophole in Berlin. Winner of the Grand Prix at the WRO 2017 Draft Systems Biennial as INFER and at the Videozone 2015 Festival.

NAI – Katarzyna Najmajer
Architect, visual artist and producer of generative visualizations. Member of Interference Visual Crew. Winner of the VJ competition at the Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 and finalist of the Live Mapping Competition LPM 2018 in Rome. She has performed at BYOB as part of the WRO Biennale, Audioriver Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Up To Date, Interference Festival. Using her experience as an architect, she explores the relationship between sound and space. She is inspired by movements of constructivism and metabolism, where individual elements are part of a larger structure and relations between them trigger strong emotional reactions. She creates geometric compositions, virtual instruments controlled live by the artist and music.

Krzysztof Rosłonek
As he says about himself: For about 20 years I’m involved in stage lighting. I started my adventure in one of Gdansk music clubs. Over the years I have gone through all the stages and levels of work on stage. I was lighting up the biggest Polish music festivals, theatre performances and everything connected with art. In 2012 I invented and founded the first Polish company producing stage lamps. Today Portman Custom Lights sells its lights all over the world, and I continue my adventure that light at least in a slightly different form. See you on stage.

Nocny Marek (CIRCUS TENT)
He has been mixing images to live music since 2003. He started at the LABO club, where he became responsible for the visual service of all events taking place there. In 2004 he became a resident of KLATKA club, which was closer to his musical taste and there he trained the technique of visualization to world music of DJs and producers. His visualizations could be seen at many festivals, such as the Skrzyzowanie Kultur, Creamfields, H&M Music and Audioriver. He was also responsible for animating the concerts of Natalia Kukulska and Marek Bilinski throughout the country. Cooperation with numerous advertising agencies has resulted in the production of graphic frames at events for well-known world brands. His productions can also be found in the media – currently he is working as a Motion Graphics Designer creating spots, animations and graphics for television channels. It cooperates on a regular basis with the European media.

Visual Family Collective (MAIN STAGE)
As they say about themselves: We are a collective that was created for the love of modern visual arts. We do not close ourselves off in any framework and we don’t impose any inspiration on ourselves. The dream of VFC is to overthrow the barriers associated with the embarrassing concept of art. All our work is created spontaneously – as a by-product of fun that is an integral part of our lives. That’s why it’s difficult to determine the exact squad of the Visual Family Collective – in fact, everyone who creates our environment belongs to it.

AR 2019 date announcement

AR 2019 date announcement

Have you missed us? Because we have! We rested for a while, but it’s time to get to work, the next edition will not happen by itself 😉

Those of you who have already been to Audioriver know that during the festival Płock becomes a festival town where there are no divisions, people are friendly and smiling, and the streets are full of unique energy. Our participants define themselves as the Audioriver family. Preparing for the realization of the third episode of our festival studio, in which we showed you two hard users of the festival who have been coming to Płock regularly for years, we sent out a questionnaire, in which we asked how they would describe the festival. “3 days of being open to others, mutual acceptance, multidimensionality and colourfulness of people”. – that was one of the answers. Comments on our fanpage confirm what we see and what deeply moves us every year: “This is a place gifted with power from heaven”, “another family gathering I consider successful”, “there are two holidays of the year, Christmas and Audioriver”, “you can’t go back to reality”, “the one who invented Audioriver should get a Nobel Peace Prize”… We work for such moments.

Each edition of the festival is a new challenge for us. A few years ago, we organized Sun/Day for the first time, and today many people cannot imagine Audioriver without Sunday afternoon and think that it is the most beautiful daily event in Poland. During the 13th edition new stages debuted, and we expanded the daily programme of events accompanying the concerts. We are developing, putting a lot of heart and everyday, year-round work into the preparations for the festival. However, we are also aware of our mistakes – due to the renovation of the area on the Płock amphitheater side, entering the Audioriver from that part of the beach was difficult, which resulted in a problem with passing through the main gate of the festival as well. There were many more people there than usual.

We also know that some people were strongly affected by the high air temperature in the Kosmos tent. We learn from our mistakes all the time and every year we try to improve the festival in such a way that it is as friendly as possible for you – after all, you create a festival with us, especially its amazing atmosphere!

We are already working on artists’ bookings, we are preparing for the new edition of Audioriver Camp, our graphic designers in the sweat of the head create a new visual identity which we hope will capture your hearts, we read carefully everything that you have written to us in surveys (thank you!). We have a lot of work ahead of us, which we love because it results in tens of thousands of happy people dancing on the Vistula beach.

14th edition of Audioriver will take place on 26-28 July 2019 in Płock. Ticket sales will start on 31 October. Are you ready for it? 🙂