Audioriver will return!

Audioriver will return!

Dear Audioriver Family,

We are sorry to inform you that despite many months of preparations and waiting for the final decisions of the Government, we have to move the date of the festival. Once again, we would like to ask for your patience to wait another year to celebrate Audioriver’s 15th birthday. The date of next year’s festival is July 29-31, 2022.

Organizing an event on such a large scale is not possible at the moment – you can read more about that below – but we can’t imagine another weekend filled with emptiness on the festival date without seeing smiling faces and dancing people in Plock. We are trying to organize a smaller event for you, but still keeping the unique Audioriver atmosphere. We will probably confirm this within a week and let you know all the details 🙂 At the end of June / beginning of July, we’ll reveal the first artists who will perform for you at Audioriver 2022.

The decision to move the festival date was made for several reasons:

We recently informed you about a few potential scenarios for this year’s festival, but even the minimal format we assumed for Audioriver 2021 is impossible to realize due to the current Government guidelines. The attendance limit of 250 is an impossible condition to meet in our case. In this situation, we would be forced to refuse entry to the festival grounds to people who had previously purchased and kept their Audioriver passes.

We are aware that the limits do not include fully vaccinated participants, but at this point, we are not yet able to estimate the actual number of such people, which makes planning an event on such a large scale significantly more difficult. It would also be problematic and time-consuming – also for you – in this situation to verify personal data and appropriate certificates for such a large audience.

Additionally, we do not imagine that anyone – especially in high temperatures – could feel comfortable during the festival on the beach wearing a mask. During hot weather, this could be not only tiring but also dangerous to your health. Even more so for those who will be dancing at the covered stages, such as Circus, Hybrid, or Kosmos. Our priority is to take care of your comfort and safety.

Another important issue is the logistical problems with booking artists. We receive information that the artists we have invited from the USA have to cancel their arrival and their performances and tours in Europe will be postponed. Artists arriving from closer countries, but outside the Schengen zone, could encounter problems at airports. Of course, we know that if the test is negative after 48 hours, the mandatory quarantine would be canceled. However, you have to be aware that every year – due to busy schedules – most of our artists come to Poland for less than 24 hours. Some don’t even go to the hotels but come directly from the airport to Plock, and after the show, they almost immediately travel again for another performance. 48 hours is too much time of uncertainty concerning their other commitments.

Another key factor in the festival’s cancellation is that there is too little time left for Audioriver to delay any longer. We know that for many of you this is the last moment to plan vacations and holiday time. Under normal circumstances, we would have started building the festival in Plock at the beginning of July. Due to the fact that government regulations are temporary and can change – which creates even more risk – we cannot promise you concrete Audioriver form as there is a possibility that it will have to change at the last minute.

We would like to express our full support for the entire music industry and common demands to reduce restrictions on the area of various types of events, concerts, and mass events. We cannot understand the decision of the government administration, which loosens restrictions in other areas of everyday life, but prevents the functioning of outdoor events and deprives us all the free access to culture. These actions are contrary to those in other European Union countries. However, in our country, there are still strict rules. This situation affects all promoters, artists, managers, technical and production companies, as well as thousands of people working in culture and the organization of events. A significant number of them remain without job opportunities as early as March 2020.

We have to openly admit that this has probably been the hardest time in Audioriver’s history. Even under the worst-case scenarios, we did not expect such a long separation from you – the wonderful community without which this festival would not exist. We are forced to ask for your patience and forbearance, and once again we will be very thankful if you leave your tickets for next year. This will allow us to continue working on the best possible version of the festival, which you absolutely deserve. Keeping your tickets supports not only us but also many of our coworkers who do a lot of work to organize the event. It is thanks to you that our Audioriver has become such a magical event and we will do everything to make the 15th edition a great anniversary. Once again, thank you all for your support. We believe that next year we will not have any more problems and we will make up for such a long time without meeting together at Audioriver.

Everyone who bought festival passes will receive an e-mail with specific instructions from If you bought your tickets at a stationary location, please contact the staff at that location or contact ebilet crew. We will be very grateful to you for leaving your tickets for Audioriver 2022, but in case of any other decisions, support will be at your disposal.

For supporting the festival, especially in such a difficult situation, we would also like to thank our partners: the city of Plock, Plock Art and Culture Center as well as our sponsors: Tak To Robię, GLO, and Lech. Huge thanks also to our media partners:, Noizz, Newonce, TVP Kultura, Co Jest Grane24,, Nasze Miasto, and Gazeta Wyborcza.

Audioriver Park Edition 2021

Audioriver Park Edition 2021

The 15th edition of Audioriver has been moved to 2022, but as we wrote in previous announcements, we can’t imagine such a long separation and in a slightly smaller frequency we’d like to meet with you this year as well 🙂

We would like to invite you to Audioriver Park Edition, a two-day event held in a park in Plock on Mostowa Street, where we spend Sunday afternoons together on Sun/Day. On Saturday and Sunday (24th and 25th July) we will once again dance in the sunshine before the stage on the steps, and the park will again be filled with decorations and art installations, for which – as every year – our friends from Wrocław will be responsible.

The full line-up of the event will be revealed at the beginning of next week – that’s when the ticket sales will start. Apart from performances by artists from Poland and abroad, there will also be discussion panels and meetings with representatives of the music scene. Due to sanitary restrictions and Government’s regulations, the park will be able to host only 250 unvaccinated people. A special pool of tickets will be available for them. Those who are not included in the attendance limit will be able to purchase tickets in a separate pool. However, please remember that due to the size limitation of the park, the number of tickets on sale will be limited. We will announce all details after the weekend.

Partners: Płock, POKiS
Sponsors: GLO, Lech, Red Bull

Audioriver Park Edition 2021 line-up

Audioriver Park Edition 2021 line-up

We are announcing the artists that will perform at Audioriver Park Edition! On July 24th and 25th you will hear: Ben Böhmer, Brina Knauss, catz n dogz, Deaf Can Dance, Foxall, Joris Voorn, Leon / PL b2b Glasse, Mind Against, Seb & Rodrigezz and Trikk. This week we will announce one more foreign artist who will join the line-up.

The sale of tickets for the event has started on and they are available in 3 price pools: 120 PLN, 150 PLN, and 180 PLN. Link to tickets:

As we announced earlier, the tickets pools are divided for unvaccinated people and for people who show their vaccination certificates at the entrance of the event. As of today, to take part in the event (whether you are vaccinated or not), you will also need to fill out and bring with you a printout of a statement about your health status. This is a procedure that must be implemented based on the current guidelines for organizers of mass events. A draft in English will be available soon. We are in discussions with the sanitary-epidemiological station about allowing people who have recovered from COVID-19 and people with a current negative COVID-19 test to count towards attendance without a limit. However, for the moment, these people should buy tickets in the pool without a certificate. We will keep you informed of any changes to the admission rules. Children under 10 accompanied by their parents can enter the event for free and do not count towards the attendance limit.

We emphasize that, like the entire event industry, we disagree with the current stringent restrictions we must adhere to. The attendance limit of 250 unvaccinated people is one of the strictest in the European Union. We apologize to everyone who will experience inconvenience or will not be able to come to Plock for various reasons. We ask for your understanding. The festival has never yet had to be canceled for two years in a row, which takes away the possibility of work not only from us but also from many collaborators and subcontractors. We hope to see as many of you as possible in the park. See you there!

Saturday, 24.07 (11 a.m. – 12 a.m.)
Sunday, 25.07 (11 a.m. – 10 p.m.)

Partners: Płock, POKiS,
Sponsors: GLO, Lech, Red Bull