26-28.07.2019   Płock/Poland

Polo & Pan live

Polo & Pan live

Polo & Pan was born under the stars in 2012, shortly after there orbital collision of two satellites : Polocorp & Peter Pan

Polo finds his inspiration somewhere between his mystical trips in the desert (Roudani 434 EP) and his activities with MAD Agency creating work spaces for artists in industrial warehouses.

Pan, the insatiable crate digger collects musical gems from the early 20th century straight to the electronics of 2015 via the average Nepalese psychedelic rock of the 70’s. It’s no surprise if he is one of the initiator of the Radiooooo project, : an on-line encyclopedic radio to be launched in September 2013.

Both are active members of the Tete d’Affiche DJ Agency and residents at le Baron. It’s behind the decks that they met and discovered a common interest in fusion of genres.

There first release, Rivolta signed on Hamburger records, mixes an Italian standard of the early 30s to a morodorian disco bass.

With such wide influences, it’s hard to pin down Polo&Pan’s musical style, but it’s quite probable that crossing there path will open a window to the cosmos.

Sam Paganini

Sam Paganini

Since 1997 Sam has been boiling up club scenes worldwide – his percussive and harmonic sound is full of overflowing power which originates from his known, wide and broad passion for music. Paganini has come a long way since then ..having been signed to two of the biggest underground labels in techno… Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 imprint and the notorious Drumcode label from Adam Bayer – he knows every part of the game.

His dedication to dj’ing shines through on every stage he performs – from the smallest clubs to the biggest festival raves. Representing his Italian roots proudly, he is drawn to the dance floor by instinctively connecting with the crowd, accelerating it’s vibe with distinctive groove and passion – a habit which has become a trademark and key element in his performance and career.

In 2016 Sam founded his own label JAM to create a new platform to live out and spread his own vision of techno music where he’s already been releasing 2 acclaimed singles „Desire/Mercury“ and „Skin/Candy“ as well as the more recently full length album „Zenith”

Seba ft. MC Conrad

Seba ft. MC Conrad

Seba has established a reputation as one of the finest purveyors of quality Drum & Bass over a distinguished career stretching back more than 20 years. From his early tracks on LTJ Bukem’s ground-breaking label Good Looking Records to his more recent work across Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide, Soul:r, Hospital and his own Secret Operations, Seba’s music retains a timeless appeal, bringing together beats and bass in classic yet inimitable style. Ethereal atmospheres, crisp breaks and sublime bass rhythms are hallmarks of a sound Seba has made his own.

Seba’s DJ sets are legendary. Marrying his emotive musical style with energetic dancefloor sensibilities, Seba’s fanbase stretches from the UK and Europe to Australia and the US. His sets at Sun and Bass are highlights of the festival.

One of Drum & Bass’s truly unique voices, Seba is as relevant and important today as ever, continually inspiring producers and fans alike.

MC Conrad Conrad Thompson is one of the leading vocal innovators of the British drum and bass movement. His intelligent rhymes & harmonised word play have brought a sense of emotion and excitement to many live performances across the globe as MC Conrad and Words 2B heard with credit to the popularity of the partnership with LTJ Bukem. Born in England, in 1972, Conrad developed an ear for music at a very early age. Listening to the family record collection aged 3, before eventually finding an inspirational niche in the early 80’s rap and electro sound. It was only natural that he would soon immerse himself in the breakdance and early hip hop scene that was developing in the UK during the mid-to late 80’s. After growing jaded with the struggles and stumbling blocks present in UK rap at that time, Conrad began to immerse himself in the newly expanding British rave scene in the early 90’s, and as a result soon found himself instigating vocal duties as an ’emcee’ in warehouses, fields, and clubs across the country. This early musical journey eventually led Conrad to hooking up with an ambitious DJ known as LTJ Bukem. The partnership with Bukem soon expanded beyond just live vocal performance and eventually into the recording studio, both in the vocal booth and in the production seat. Conrad’s vocals bring together thoughts, feelings and observations from all aspects of life. His unsung talent for music can only complement the connection he has with his listeners and fans, past and present.