Mind Against

Mind Against

Expressing a musical venture which draws from the combined roots of IDM, house and techno, Mind Against are the Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Alessandro and Federico Fognini.

Their gift for creating emotion through the synths and percussive instruments in their studio translates uniquely onto the dancefloor, where their slick, moving take on techno makes for a special kind of peak in the club. They draw from the psychedelic hooks of 1980s soundtracks and from modern dance music’s emphasis on sound design to create a distinctive and immensely powerful sound.

In 2013, Mind Against released their first EP ‘Atlant’ on breakthrough label Life And Death, pioneering a new sub-genre with a singular style that still inspires young producers today. Then came essential collaborations with ‘Tale Of Us’ and ‘Somne’ for the same label and compilation appearances on Cocoon and Recondite’s label Plangent.

Through a string of remixes, Mind Against leant their touch to the work of, amongst others, Art Department, Ro isi n Murphy and Green Velvet. More recently also for SHDW & Obscure Shape, SCB and Hakimonu, inspiring a remix EP of the latter’s ‘Insular Realms’ through a masterstroke club edit.

All the while, they have become consumate and globally in-demand DJs, dazzling at many of electronic music’s leading clubs and festivals.
Their understanding of each other plays out in the dynamism of their joint DJ sets, where a refined selection and intricate mixing forms a journey like no other. Case in point: their revered Essential Mix from 2016.

Mind Against’s discography has grown with standout releases for Tale Of Us’ Afterlife label and Scuba’s Hotflush, including further collaborations with Locked Groove and Aether.


Neon Chambers live

Neon Chambers live

Two of contemporary Techno’s leading lights come together for a brand new live show, centred around a fusion of future sonics & precision synthesis for forward leaning dance floors.

Both artists have enjoyed fruitful careers mining the space between wide-angle sound design & wrought-iron dance floor functionality, with much overlap in terms of both aesthetic & thematic concerns.

David Letellier’s Kangding Ray project is best known for its Raster-Noton & Stroboscopic Artefacts affiliations – as well as remix work for Mute & Warp Records; while Sigha – real name James Shaw’s recent output via Token, in the form of 2017’s critically acclaimed LP Metabolism represents some of the British artist’s very best work – a stunning showcase of both emotive fluency & technical proficiency.

The pairing promises much in terms of pushing the envelope within the genre, an exciting machine driven venture from two artists in fine form that finds both producers drawing on more avant-garde leanings, but remains firmly rooted in the dance-floor.’

Noisia dj set (Farewell Tour)

Noisia dj set (Farewell Tour)

Noisia: Three men, one Vision

The Vision: To explore the outer edges and capabilities of electronic musicality without compromise, to turn sound design into an art and aspire to make records that sound like no one or nothing else.

United by a shared passion for progression, technical innovation and ruthless quality control (plus large amounts of gaming, hip-hop and humour) Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger have worked together since leaving school. Within two years of their 2003 debut release they d already appeared on some of the most agenda-setting labels in drum & bass: Moving Shadow, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, Shogun, Ram and many more. But even then they had no idea how successful their partnership would be.

A decade deeper: From their drum & bass roots they ve proceeded to stamp all over the musical map to become one of the most established and uncompromised acts in electronic music. From their unique, custom-built floating triple-studio complex in Groningen, they’ve created benchmark productions, established three respected labels (Vision, Division, Invisible), remixed rave titans such as The Prodigy and Skrillex, curated their own Noisia Invites festival and scored games such as ‘Devil May Cry’ and ‘Counter Strike’ and music for movies such as ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ and ‘Transformers 3’.

To really understand where they re coming from, what makes them tick and how their unique three-headed machine works visit one of their Noisia Invites shows. A place where the trio hold court, bouncing off the sonic chaos of guests from Gaslamp Killer to Teddy Killerz. Or lock into a Noisia Radio show where each show reflects their humour, the wider and more experimental tastes that they can’t express in their sets.

New limits set both in the studio and on stage, the outer edges have been established… Only to reveal even further targets in the vision’s distance. The uncompromised explorations continue.