BICEP live

BICEP live

As producers, DJs, label founders and avid record collectors, the London-based Belfast-born duo Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson have become two of the most trusted curators of electronic music inthe past decade. Their signing to Ninja Tune in 2017 saw them make their most concise, articulateand daring musical statement yet, with the release of their debut self-titled album.

The record succeeds in balancing club music with home listening, just as Matt and Andy have succeeded in breaking into the mainstream whilst remaining true to their underground roots of the Feel My Bicep blog. It went in at #20 in the UK album charts and was lauded by the likes of Pitchfork, Resident Advisor and Mixmag, who picked it as album of the year. A series of well-received singles, including ‘Glue’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Vale’ reinforced their prominence, along with a remix of ‘Opal’ by FourTet.

They debuted a new live show in 2017, which has graced some of the most revered festival stages, debuting at Coachella and then touring to Glastonbury, Sonar, Pitchfork Festival and Primavera, culminating in 3 consecutive sold out dates at London’s Printworks in November 2018.

The show embraces the idea of immersion. It allows for the duo to take a different tack at each show, placing them in and amongst the visuals, creating a visceral experience.

Bryan Gee ft. MC Felon

Bryan Gee ft. MC Felon

Bryan Gee

Bryan Gee is, simply, one of the most significant figures in drum ‘n’ bass history. As co-founder of the V Recordings family of labels, and as a deejay with an apparently bottomless crate of dubs, he’s changed the game on multiple occasions.

His career trajectory is as unique as those exclusive plates he can play. Starting out way back in the seventies as a reggae soundsystem selector in his native Cheltenham, he eventually made his way to Brixton where he teamed up with Jumpin Jack Frost. As a deejaying partnership, they championed the emerging acid house sound. Bryan became well-known as a man with his finger on the pulse, earning him a job pushing the new rave-orientated music for the Outer Rhythm label, newly formed as an offshoot of Rhythm King.

This experience learning the ropes of running a label clearly paid off. As jungle took over from hardcore in the early nineties, Bryan Gee encountered Roni Size and Krust and a legend was born. V Recordings was established in 1993, instrumental in nurturing that “Bristol Sound” style of jungle drum ‘n’ bass. This was the sound which many contemporary A-list producers credit as their first inspiration to become part of the scene.

Even as Bryan’s family of labels expanded to include Chronic, Philly Blunt, and Liquid V, the quality control never dropped. Legendary artists like Dillinja, Ray Keith, Adam F, Ed Rush & Optical, Marky, Peshay, and a Who’s Who of others have all released on a V imprint over the years. No wonder, then, that a Bryan Gee deejay set is peppered with never-before-heard dubs that drop like tactical nukes in a dance.

Adding event promotion to his CV with the semi-mythical Movement and, more recently, the epic Planet V raves, Bryan Gee has proven he’s an unshakable pillar of the DnB community. Four decades deep in the evolving landscape of British underground music, every tune he signs, every set he plays, and every artist he champions is one more piece of evidence that he’s still at the top of his game and rising.

MC Felon

Richard Bradley aka Felon MC was born and raised in Basingstoke, Hampshire. He started writing rhymes from the age of 14. As a young teen in the early 90’s, Felon saw underground Garage music take off. He was inspired by the music of the time and it was the sound everyone was into and for him, it was where it all began. Heavily influenced by this he started writing lyrics at home. Spending all his time developing his style and crafting his flow, perfecting bars and writing rhymes became regularity. A year later, after discovering Drum and Bass and Jungle he was about to take another direction in his journey as an MC and when he did there was no turning back. He fell in love with the vibes that came across from old tape packs and the interaction one person could have with the crowd.“My first recollection of an MC was around 1998 when I was 13 on a hardcore tape from 1996 Helter Skelter at the Sanctuary Milton Keynes. Hixxy on the decks and Vibes & Lively on the mic, even back then the vibes and energy came across so much! My first memory of a D&B MC was on the first tape pack I ever bought when I was 15. It was a Hysteria 25 (The Payback) at some venue in Bristol. The one with the naked lady on the front of the pack sitting down with a load of fiver notes as the background? For those who remember that one? MC’s Fearless, Skiba, Trigga, Bassman and more! I love the way heads like Fearless and Skiba interacted with the crowd and the DJ was sick! I Knew I wanted a slice of the pie from an early age had a lot of ambition really early, a couple of years of writing rhymes followed and becoming best mates with my microphone!”

Around his 18th birthday he began to get on the mic at a local event run by a local DJ and Label Manager. The following 3 years past and his presence in the local scene grew and he took his chance at as many raves as possible. With growing popularity and working hard at networking up and down the country, not only led to playing at local nights but bigger venues and surrounding areas whilst always looking to step up his game and progress more.

Around 2007 he was approached by a Bournemouth Promoter by the name of Dean White aka Whitey and was asked to be a resident MC for a night he was setting up in central Bournemouth Called ENTER. Linking up with another resident MC, MC Skydro, who he had met previous to this at other events, the pair started rolling together a lot and when Enter started to run monthly in Bournemouth, he decided he wanted to relocate there so did exactly that. In November 2008 he relocated and began then to establish a good student following and fan base of his own. Performing at student events on a regular basis as well as working closely with the 2 main promoters Whitey with ENTER and Judda with DRUMFUNK, he then started to focus more on moving the game forward.

Over the next couple of years he saw himself at much bigger events and has established a relationship with not one but two of the UK’s biggest names in Drum and Bass and Dance music, Slammin Vinyl and Innovation. These guys are BIG in the game and hold some of the UK and Europe’s biggest and most unique festivals and all night dance events. In June 2010 Felon was asked to debut at Innovation in the Sun out in Spain and Westfest shortly following in October. The Main Stages at these events feature all the biggest names in the scene so this was a huge opportunity for him and a chance for him to prove him self to a huge company and massive crowds and that he did! With a full circle of styles he showcases a mixture of hard hitting double time, ragga style slow bars and has a presences and confidence when hosting on stage, delivering hard hitting clear rhymes. Showing he is doing things in a unique way with lasting impression, Felons ever growing popularity secured his place at Innovation in Sun 2011 and Innovation in the Dam in 2011.

Proving hard work pays off Felon was later approached by and signed to Urban Agency in April this year. With a variety of artists from across the UK and Europe, Urban agency has grown from its beginnings into what is now one of the most influential agencies in the scene! With continuous bookings, and now onboard with a Top agency, finally getting representation has been a big move forward. The agency brings in bookings from all over and Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Israel for the rest of this year, are just to name few. His profile is rising fast and breaking Europe has been a big step.

Things have progressed massively this year, on stage and behind the scenes and Felon is also now working alongside Subzero. These guys have just done a guest mix for Kmag so keep your eye out for that! He is a passionate, dedicated, inspirational individual who has been taken into the Drum and Bass community as a result of hard work

Catz 'n Dogz

Catz 'n Dogz

Nie ulega wątpliwości – bliscy przyjaciele Grzegorz i Wojciech stworzyli niesamowity muzyczny projekt. Od lokalnego szczecińskiego podwórka, do międzynarodowego rozgłosu, dzięki występom w najgorętszych miejscach na całym świecie, własnej wytwórni płytowej oraz świetnym wydawnictwom. Kolejny z nich, czyli długo oczekiwany album pt. “Friendship”, ukazał się w 2019 roku.

Duet Catz ‘n Dogz miał swój mocny udział w popularyzacji muzyki elektronicznej w Europie Wschodniej, co przyczyniło się do pojawienia się na okładkach Mixmaga oraz DJ Mag Spain. Ponadto, zajmowali miejsca na elitarnych listach przebojów, takich jak RA Top 100 i DJ Mag’s Top 10 Albums 2015 za ich album “Basic Colour Theory”. Innymi wyróżnieniami są nominacja do nagrody WMC Awards 2013 z utworem “They Frontin'” oraz tytuł “Producentów Roku” od

Szczecin, rodzinne miasto Catz ‘n Dogz, znajduje się w bliskiej odległości od Berlina, dlatego Grzegorz i Wojciech od początku interesowali się tamtejszym brzmieniem techno. Jak twierdzą, nie jest to jednak jedyna inspiracja. Ich dyskografia zawiera przecież utwory zawierający elementy disco i house’u oraz wokale rodem z jazzowych produkcji. W duecie panuje żartobliwy i nowatorski duch zabawy. Kiedy zapytano ich w wywiadzie dla Birdhouse: Techno z Detroit czy Niemiec? Odpowiedzieli treścią manifestu Pets Recordings: “Music not genres”. Jak pokazują podczas setów na żywo, selekcjonują muzykę na podstawie emocji, nie zważając na ramy gatunkowe. Catz ‘n Dogz przesuwają granice house’u i techno również poprzez działalność swojej wytwórni, Pets Recordings.

Wysokie umiejętności producenckie, Grzegorz i Wojciech potwierdzili wydaniem świetnych remiksów. W zeszłym roku wydali swoją przeróbkę utworu “Under the Moon” od Claptone. Ponadto, są znani z remiksów takich utworów, jak “Woman of the Getto” Marleny Shaw i “Hush” Thomasa Schumachera, który przez pięć kolejnych miesięcy zajmował pierwsze miejsce w zestawieniu Beatport tech house. Tak, jak w autorskich produkcjach duet często sięga po elementy innych gatunków, tak świetnie czuje się w remiksowaniu utworów spoza elektroniki – mowa tu o remiksach chociażby dla Kings Of Leon, Friendly Fires i Roisin Murphy.