ISSUERFundacja Jest Akcja! with its registered office in Warsaw at Ogrodowa 49a/8, 00-873 Warsaw, correspondence address: Grochowska 341 Apt. 174, 03-822 Warsaw registered in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000375526, NIP: 5222970285; REGON: 142758853.

AUDIORIVER CARD – a plastic card with a magnetic stripe, issued by the Issuer and allowing the User to make a cashless payment for Goods at the Sales Points on the Event site.

EVENT – event taking place in Płock, 29-31 July 2022, whose organiser is the Issuer – Audioriver Festival.

USER – a person participating in the Event who purchases the Audioriver Card from the Issuer.

SERVICE POINT – point located on the premise of the Event that handle the Audioriver Cards, i.e. their activation, sale, top-up and refund.

POINTS OF SALE – points located on the premises of the Event, that sell Goods.

GOODS – objects, goods or services offered for sale on the premises of the Event.

TERMINAL – means a POS payment terminal that allows transactions to be made on the Event site using the Audioriver Card.

BALANCE – the amount of funds on the Audioriver Card.


1. By issuing the Audioriver Card, the Issuer undertakes to enable the User to pay for Merchandise using the card in Points of Sale located at the Event.

2. Audioriver Card allows the User to purchase Merchandise only in Points of Sale located at the Event and belonging to the Issuer or to entities directly related to the business contract with the Issuer.

3. Audioriver Card is only used to purchase a range of Merchandise that is available in Points of Sale at this Event.

4. Audioriver Card is a payment instrument as defined by the Payment Services Act. However, pursuant to Article 6 (11) (a) – (b) of the Payment Services Act, the provisions of this Act do not apply to the Audioriver Card.

5. Audioriver Card from the moment of activation is valid no longer than until the end of 31st July 2022.


1. The User can use the Audioriver Card more than once during the Event and pay for Goods at Points of Sale at the Event.

2. Payment for Goods is made by entering the appropriate amount on the Terminal and confirming the transaction by using the magnetic strip of the Audioriver Card on the Terminal. After the transaction, the card balance is reduced by the amount corresponding to the transaction value.

3. Points of Sale may refuse to complete the transaction in the absence of sufficient funds on the Audioriver Card.

4. Once a transaction has been authorized with the Audioriver Card, the User cannot cancel it.

5. Audioriver Cards forged, damaged or corrupted to an extent or in a way that makes them unreadable or may raise doubts about their authenticity, cannot be exchanged for Goods and will not be accepted by Points of Sale at the Event.

6. The User is obliged to store the Audioriver Card with due diligence and not to make it available to unauthorized persons. Once the Audioriver Card has been issued to the User, the Issuer is not responsible for the use of the Audioriver Card by a third party, as well as for damage or loss of the Audioriver Card due to reasons not attributable to the Issuer.


1. Audioriver Card can only be obtained at the Service Point on the premise of the Event. The issuance of the Audioriver Card is conditional on the first reloading of at least the minimum amount specified in these regulations. After the first topping up, the Card is activated by the Issuer and issued to the User.

2. Service Point will be open on the days of the Event, each time during the hours of the Event.

3. Only 1 Audioriver Card can be obtained at a time.

4. Topping up the Audioriver Card is only possible in Service Point with cash.

5. The minimum amount of a recharge is 10 (in words: ten) Polish zloty

6. The maximum amount of the balance on the Audioriver Card is 500 (in words: five hundred) Polish zloty. Audioriver Card cannot be topped up beyond this amount.

7. The User can check the balance of the Audioriver Card in the Service Point and Points of Sale.

8. The User has the right to return the Audioriver Card to the Issuer with a refund of unused funds (cash) remaining on the card balance. The card can be returned to the Issuer only at Service Point during the operating hours of the Event.

9. Damaged Audioriver Card (cracked, punched, etc.) which makes it impossible to read its balance will not be refunded.

10. The User can return a maximum of 1 Audioriver Card at the same time.

11. The User confirms the return of funds with their signature on the document prepared by the Issuer.

12. After the end of the Event 31 July 2022, Audioriver Cards are not refundable.


1. The User has the right to make a complaint in the form of written correspondence sent to the address: Fundacja Jest Akcja! at Grochowska 341 Apt. 174, 03-822 Warsaw.

2. In order to facilitate the complaint procedure, it is suggested to add the annotation “Complaint”. Such annotation, however, is not a condition for the recognition of the complaint.

3. Complaints may be lodged immediately after discovering the circumstances justifying their lodging.

4. The User should, as far as possible, provide the Issuer with all information and documents relating to the complaint that may be useful in determining the complaint.

5. The Issuer will investigate the complaint immediately, but no later than within 30 days of its receipt. Depending on the method of complaint, the Issuer will notify the User of the resolution of the complaint by letter or email.


1. By acquiring the Audioriver Card, the User agrees to these Terms and Conditions and undertakes to comply with their provisions.

2. The issuer reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations, provided that this will not result in a reduction of the rights of the Users, if

– such an amendment is necessary to remove obvious errors or mistakes in the text of the rules and regulations, or
– to adapt the rules and regulations to applicable laws or
– if the need for the amendment arises from circumstances beyond the control of the Issuer, which occurred after the publication of the rules and regulations and which the Issuer could not have foreseen. The Issuer will inform about amendments to the rules and regulations on the Issuer’s website, i.e. www.audioriver.pl.

4. These Rules and Regulations will be available during the Event at the Service Point in Polish and in English.